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Brian Lister

Web Developer


Fabulous Design Kit

The Fabulous Design Kit is a comprehensive tool suite that assists web designers and developers easily create exceptional websites and applications that adhere to industry standards.


CSS Library

The Fabulous CSS Library is an elegant CSS stylesheet designed to streamline your work as a designer, making it faster, easier, and more accessible while ensuring compliance with web standards. Currently, it includes a CSS reset and basic typography defaults, with plans to add form styling and other utilities in the future.


The Fabulous Styleboard is a comprehensive HTML document with a built-in stylesheet switcher, allowing you to preview the effects of different stylesheets on a wide range of HTML elements.

Favicon Generator

The Fabulous Favicon Generator is a lightweight Node.js application that simplifies the process of generating favicon files and a webmanifest to meet the requirements of modern browsers.

Future Components

Scaffold Generator

The Fabulous Scaffold will be a Yeoman generator that will create a basic file and folder structure for new projects, with options for TypeScript, linting, Sass, etc.


Clarity will be an easy to use tool for generating a website style-guide for developer reference and client demonstrations.